This page shows an overview of my own projects. More details can be found if you follow the links.

Graph Development Interface
[tool: gdi] (windows/mac/linux)

GDI is a visual graph editor for Unity3D. It is based on my open source project Brotherhood Of Node but is heavily extended. Beside its graph editor functionality it contains nodes to create procedurally generated landscapes. It has an intuitive and easy to use C# API and is well documented. I sold GDI at the Unity Asset Store but unfortunalty it is outdated now.

Pioneer Skies
Pioneer Skies
[game: pioneer skies] (android/ios)

Pioneer Skies is a 3D racing game for Android and iOS. It is based on the previous project Alien Ark but is focused on the racing part. A Challenge in the development was to bring the beautiful and theoretically infinite 3D landscapes to devices with a limited performance. There is also an article covering some technical information.

the logo of Alien Ark
Logo of Alien Ark
[game: alien ark] (windows/mac)

The game Alien Ark was made during the so called libGDXjam. This game jam was a one month game development competition. The game is a planet exploration game and can be downloaded for free at itch.io. Take a look at the an article about the development progress.

The game was developed using a procedural landscape generation library that was written by me.

a screenshot of Moonsters
Screenshot of Moonsters
[game: moonsters] (android/ios)

The game Moonsters is a cross platform mobile game based on the popular 'match 3' genre. I developed it with the help of Annika Fisher. We also founded the studio Nuke The Moon to release Moonsters and upcoming games.

The game is developed using the technologies RoboVM, libGDX and others.

a screenshot of boxinc
Screenshot of BoxInc.
[game: boxinc] (webgl)

The game boxinc is a 3D puzzle game where you have to find your way out of a strange company building. You can play it for free and without installation directly in your browser.

I have written this game in the year 2012 using the technologies JavaScript, WebGL and ThreeJS. Besides of the programing I had to create the assets (3D-models, animations, sounds and music) and the game design.

Preview: cartoon water shader
[computer graphics]

I like to work on computer graphics in a creative way. This sometimes ends up in very technical stuff like experimenting with shaders as you can see at shadertoy.

But I also like to play with tools like Blender or Photoshop to create digital content. You can take a look at some of my 3D models at sketchfab.

Preview: SNES CD-ROM
♫ StaticVoid - Timelapse
[music and videos]

In my free time I compose electronic music using different genres and styles. You can find my music at soundcloud and bandcamp under the nickname StaticVoid.

I also create music videos as a photographer and editor. You can find the videos at vimeo.

I did produce the soundtrack of a short movie that you can find here.